About Florida Cracker Sheep:

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  • The Florida Cracker Sheep is a dual purpose sheep with a docile and friendly temperament.

  • Single and Twin lambs are most common in the breed and Florida Cracker ewes are excellent mothers

  • The breed is considered to be a medium sized sheep with rams ranging from 135 to 175 pounds with 200 pounds not being unheard of. Ewes are usually between 85 to 135 pounds.

  • It is preferred that Florida Cracker sheep are naturally polled however scurs are not uncommon and horns also occur but not very frequently

  • Their color can range anywhere from white to red to dark brown. Spots and ticking can occur and are not uncommon.

  • The head and legs are hair instead of wool and often the belly is too. It is preferred for the belly to have hair.

  • Florida Cracker Sheep do require shearing at least once a year. The wool is not fine enough for soem projects but is a great craft wool. (I will be the first to admit I know little about the wool process but would be happy to point anyone interested in the right direction to learn more)

  • These sheep are hardy sheep that have adapted well to the harsh Florida climate. They have a natural disease and parasite resistance and tolerate the heat and humidity well.

  • Florida Cracker Sheep were introduced to Florida by the Spanish settlers in the mid 1500's. They free-ranged in Florida up until the fence laws went into effect in 1949 and developed a lot of their variation and hardiness during this time of free ranging. These are traits that should be retained and are valuable assets.
Florida Cracker Sheep